perfect eyelashes blog

by Agnes Dos Santos

Perfect Eyelashes is one of the UK’s leading independent eyelash extension boutiques. We specialise in creating bespoke eyelash extensions to enhance your natural beauty.

Meet the Team

Agnes Dos Santos


Entrepreneur, trained accountant and self-confessed eyelash extension perfectionist.
Agnes gave up her accountancy career to pursue a dream of doing something she loved,
swapped balancing books for creating perfect eyelashes and hasn’t looked back since.
Certified Master technician and as a qualified trainer, Agnes has coached many technicians.
Her passion for perfection translates into superior eyelash extensions.
Agnes always says “When you do what you love and make it with passion the results are always perfect.”


Daria Wojtasik

Master Technician



Qualified eyelash extensions and nail technician Daria joined the Perfect Eyelashes team in 2010.
Trained under Agnes’ supervision she has become a highly skilled senior eyelash extensions specialist.
She loves her job therefore the results are perfect.



Petra Kurejova

Master Technician



Loves make-up and fashion, Petra joined Perfect Eyelashes in 2011.
Her passion for fashion and beauty world gives her the expertise to style the perfect bespoke eyelash look.




Marta Romaniuk

Beauty Therapist



Marta has joined us in 2015 as a perfect addition to Perfect Eyelashes team. She is fully qualified and skilled beauty therapist with years of experience in waxing, manicures and pedicures. She provides an excellent service on a high level.





Petya Valeva

Eyelash Technician

Eyelash technician London



Petya has joined us in 2015 and fully qualified as Perfect Eyelashes technician in July. She is passionate about lash extensions therefore she is able to provide an excellent service on a high level.

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