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by Agnes Dos Santos

Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying sunny London.

As we are approaching the most important season of the summer festivals, we thought that we might inspire you with festival must-haves!

First thing is to have your lashes done or get fabulous strip-lashes to achieve perfect festival look. At Perfect Eyelashes we offer you eyelash extensions and they really last for very long watch this video to see that they are ideal for even extreme situations! If you prefer to have long lashes only in the evenings, you can choose from our beautiful range of strip lashes.

This season absolute must-have is having your lips in vibrant colour. This is our top 3 lip looks this summer (to get the look simply click on the picture you love):

1. Motives for La La Mineral Lipstick – Beso


2. Motives Rich Formula Lipstick in Red Coral


3. Motives Rich Formula Lipstick: Ruby


And we still remember about nails! You are more than welcome to visit us in our Beauty Room to get beautiful Shellac manicure and pedicure.
If you choose to take care of your nails in your home, what do you think about our top three colours this festival season? And again- to get the look simply click on the picture you love:

1. I Love to Coral


2. Tahiti Surf


3. Prissy Pink


Hope you will enjoy festivals this summer with our must-haves!

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Have a perfect day,
Perfect Eyelashes

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