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by Agnes Dos Santos

how are you all?

Today I have a story to share with you… How exciting it was to have a pamper session with my mum at Perfect Eyelashes beauty room only yesterday! We were tempted to get our nails done before holidays but as well as that- our brows and my mum’s lashes.

The treatments we have chosen were:
Shellac manicure,
Eyebrow shape&tint,
Lash lift
I have my lash extensions done every month at Perfect Eyelashes by lovely Petra, so yesterday it was only my mum’s first ever lash treatment.

The time that we have spent with Marta in the beauty room was very exciting and calming. I have to admit that my mum is one of those women, who you can rarely see in any make up at all. I was very excited to see the final results of the transformation and I was not disappointed!

My mum’s results, more than I have expected:

lash liftBefore and after

She is very happy and looks perfect! We couldn’t resist to take pictures of our nails on our way back home! Ready for summer, holidays and everyday positive life approach!

Mum's nails

My nailsWe are very happy and we will come back for more!

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