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by Agnes Dos Santos

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 We have just come back from fantastic holidays in Portugal and would like to share our experience with you!
3 days in Algarve, Praia da Rocha like in paradise!
Strongly recommend Praia da Rocha to stay – a bustling holiday resort – vast beach, loads of restaurants and cafes and shops.

It was just 3 days but seems like we spent a whole week there because the trip was so active and full of different exciting adventures!


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We started our holidays off with Paragliding lesson.
The Algarve is famous for its beautiful golden beaches so allows to fly
above the cliffs and beaches like in a dream! Basically, we had a chance to fly twice. The first flight was in the countryside and the second one was with the view on the Portugal’s coast.

So we had a chance to see Portugal from the bird’s eye view!

To everyone who wants to experience Paragliding, we recommend the guys we booked it with.
This is the link to their website –
They were very nice and helpful. This we can say about other Portuguese people. People we met in Portugal
were very kind, extremely warm and helpful.

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Another adventure we went for was Stand – up Paddling.

The Algarve in particular is a fantastic place to give paddle boarding a try. It not only has beautiful weather all year round, and on the south coast calm waters, it also has some of the most interesting and incredible coast line in Europe. Paddle boarding lets you experience the scenery in a unique and environmentally friendly way exploring the secret beaches, wildlife that exists, whilst also improving your balance and core strength.

The session began on the beach with a short safety briefing with a basic overview of paddling technique. Next step was to learn how to safely paddle the board firstly on the knees to gain confidence and then once we got the feeling of balance, we could stand up on the board. Finally, we could head down the coast to enjoy the fantastic views!

This is the link on the website we booked Stand-up Paddling –

We also rented a car and had an opportunity to drive and see a lot more – small villages, the countryside and other beaches.


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We have been eating fresh seafood every day! Just amazing, so delicious!

Of course, we did not give up on sweets so had some sweets and ice creams! 🙂

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We rented a boat in order to see the Benagil’s stunning cave which is currently under the list of “Top 10 Coolest Caves Around the World”.

We were blessed to see dolphins while our trip on a boat to the caves!

Those caves were so breathtaking and charming! And on this picture you can see the shape of heart engraved in the hole of the cave!

So romantic mmm! 🙂

image (6)algar de benagil_lagoa_algarve_praias_portugal_maravilhas_paisagens_httpdicasfemininas-su.blogspot

As we rented the car, we went to another small town called Sagres. It is the most south – westerly point in Europe. Some people even call it the World’s End 🙂
This was basically the last and the most romantic sunset in Portugal we had a chance to enjoy.  Although the view was breathtaking,it was so windy that we even felt a little bit cold.

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We are definitely coming back to Algarve in Portugal in the future and now – back to work – creating perfect eyelashes with eyelash extensions!

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