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by Agnes Dos Santos

manucure More and more people talk about gel manicure. Gel manicure is basically applied almost the same way as normal nail polish. The difference is that gel nails are long-lasting and don’t chip.


During the application, technician shapes and nails and pushes cuticles back. Then applies a base coat. After the base coat, several coats of polish are applied to the nails. After each layer, the hands are put under an Ultra Violet lamp for a few seconds to harden them. The last layer is the top layer which makes the nails shiny and protected.

Any color can be applied, however people tend to pick more natural colours. Gel manicure lasts for a few weeks without changes.

Aftercare and removal

After a few weeks, some people leave the same colour, they just get the space where the nail has grown out, near the cuticle, filled in with the same or different colour.

If you would like to remove gel, it is advisable to come back to a technician and he will remove it professionally. However, you can also file them off or soak them off with acetone nail polish by yourself. Though some polishes will soak off easily, you might need to scratch the layers in order to help them to go off. It’s better to hold cotton pad soaked in acetone on your nails for a few minutes than soaking whole fingers in it, since it can damage the skin.The-Ultimate-Spa-Manicure-Treatment1

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