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by Agnes Dos Santos


Eyelash extensions are individual false lashes being attached to every single individual natural eyelash with a special adhesive. They are applied to the end of the eyelash itself, never in direct contact with your skin. They range in length, thickness and curl shape. Perfect Eyelashes specializes in mink diamond and fur lashes. Our masters can create just about any look you desire.

Our friendly and professional team will always find the best choice from a variety of length, thickness and curl we have creating a look to compliment your eye and face shape.

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When you have your first appointment with us, our masters will meet you and have a conversation to have an idea what kind of look you would like to achieve. Lash type, length, thickness, curl shape and design will be customized for your eyes and the look you would like to create. We are able to achieve any look from very natural to extremely glamorous.

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