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by Agnes Dos Santos

ombre lashes

New Beauty Trend – two-toned eyelashes.

Different colours are available to choose from. For example natural black with purple or half pink.

The base of the extensions are black with the coloured tips which are shown better in sunlight.

Choose your favourite colour to make your lashes stand out and fabulous!

BEFORE                                                                                                                        AFTER

IMG_7850                        IMG_815210703587_794856527223218_4063599155856288943_n

Eyelash extension experts Perfect Eyelashes offer ombre lashes made from a silk fibre with coloured tips, that have been pre-dyed at the ends.
Enjoy the perfect coloured eyelashes without the need of applying the eye shadows.

Speaking about the new trend, celebrity make-up artist Mikey Philips, who works with Gemma Collins and Amy Childs, said: ‘Ombre eyelashes are fun and flirty and perfect for the festival season.
‘Ombre lashes are hot and a great way of adding a pop of colour without the need for eye shadow.
‘They are the perfect way to add colour and fun to any look. Make sure you choose a shade that works against your eye colour to maximise the drama.’

We are proud to see the article about our Ombre Lash extensions in one of the best UK magazines on Beauty and Fashion.

IMG_7994 IMG_8043

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