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by Agnes Dos Santos

A bit of Story

Long, thick, false eyelashes aren’t new to the makeup industry. In fact, they appeared first gracing the lids of the beautiful Seena Owen in the 1916 D.W. Griffith film “Intolerance.” To make her appear more alluring, Griffith had Owen wear the first set of false eyelashes, so that when she gazed down, her lashes would flutter on her cheek.

After this had happened, false lashes started appearing more often especially on some of the world’s biggest movie stars. They became available to the general public in the 1940s. By 1960s strip lashes had become very popular, thanks to model Twiggy and her “dark eyes” look. Today, they’re sold and applied in much the same way as back in the ’40s.

Nowadays, most people use full, or strip lashes made of either real human hair or synthetic fibers. Some of strip lashes are made to look natural (only better) while others involve more dramatic materials, like feathers and sparkles, but they all involve fluttery lashes attached to a thin strip that adheres to the eyelid.

luxurious strip lashes

Luxurious   Strip   Lashes

“Perfect Eyelashes by Agnes dos Santos”

Our exclusive brand of high quality strip lashes.

Perfect Eyelashes premium strip lashes are handmade using real hair and delicately crafted to create the perfect fluttery lash, in a range of individual styles.

The lashes look elegant and will sit neatly on top of your own lashes.

These strip lashes are re-useable and long lasting, the Perfect Eyelashes strip lash is a great little investment.

luxurious-strip-lashes (1)

Design Strip Lashes


  • Glam– a full but natural lash.
  • Intense –a natural lash which is longer towards the outer corner of the eye to create a flirty look.
  • Natural-a delicate strip lash whichsimply adds a bit of volume to your own lashes.
  • Volume – the fullest most glamorous set, perfect for a night out with girlfriends.

How to apply Strip Lashes

Step 1. Measure and cut the lash

Before applying the strip lashes, make sure you’ve measured and got ready the right length of your lashes. They are normally a bit longer than you need so you can cut them to the right length. In order to stick to the right length, place the strip lash up to your eyelid and determine how much you need to cut. Then simply use the scissors to cut them to the right size.

Step 2. Apply Adhesive

Apply a small amount of eyelash adhesive along the band of the lash. Wait a bit until it becomes tacky. Don’t use too much glue, sometimes it’s better to use a toothpick to apply it to the strip.

Step 3. Apply the Strip

With one hand hold down your lid, with another hand press the strip to the base of your lashes. Use tweezers to place it to the right place and press it with your finger until it sticks to your eyelid.

You now have very beautiful and long lashes which you can make even bigger with a little bit of mascara!


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