perfect eyelashes blog

by Agnes Dos Santos

A long lasting liquid liner which comes with a fine tip for precise application. This eyeliner would be perfect for creating whether a super defined eye or a bold and dramatic look.


Long lasting
Smooth application
Dramatic eyes
Water resistant

Decided to try out the new liner and don’t know how to apply?
No worries, these are the steps to follow:

1. Prepare your eyelids. First thing to apply is a primer on your eyelid to help your eyeliner and eye shadow to last longer. The second step is the eye shadow. Then it is time for a perfect defining line created by Motives Liquid Eyeliner. The final step in make-up is mascara. By the way, you can also go for a light make up using just an eyeliner and mascara.

2. Find the convenient position. The most important in this process is to find the best position for your body especially for the hand. To rectify the problem of drawing a wavy line, rest your elbow on a table and your hand on your cheek.

3. Dots and Dashes. Start from applying small dots and dashes directly along your upper lash line. This will decrease the chance of a wavy line.

4. Connect them! It is time to connect the dots! Use small and short strokes and slowly connect them.

5. Finish up. To finish the perfect line check whether there are some breaks between the dashes and just fix them by adding a smooth line along.

6. Tail on the end. Small tail should be created at the outer edge of your eyelid to give the illusion of continuation of your lash line. The line should start coming up on your upper lash line and drawn at the same angle as the upwards curve in your lower lash line. Draw a triangle and fill in the space. You can create a more natural look by creating a short line or draw a long tail to create a dramatic and cat eye look.

7. Mascara. Finish your make-up by adding mascara. Use make-up remover in order to edit and wipe off some mistakes occurred during applying the liner.

motives eyeliner

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